Resilient Fitness Reviews

  • Jesus's depth of knowledge, expertise, and commitment towards helping you meet your health, fitness, and overall wellness goals are unparalleled. I highly recommend him and the caring community at Resilient Fitness.

    Jen Wolfe
  •  I love how much stronger I’ve become and how much more energy I have every day. I am beyond impressed with his knowledge every time we speak and how passionate he is about what he does as a profession. He continues to have a thirst to strive for excellence and learn more about his field to provide the best services to his clients. I highly recommend Jesus and his wonderful staff to anyone who wants to transform their bodies and become the most energetic, the strongest and most awesome version of you!

    Lizzette Enriquez-Lespron
  • Resilient Fitness has been a life-changer! My fitness and overall health is now much better. My strength, endurance, and recovery has all improved thanks to Coach Jesus and his wonderful staff. Resilient Fitness really takes the time to ensure that you learn proper form to prevent injury, will work with your medical providers, and take into account any previous injury. For that, they have earned my loyalty.

    Ruben Lespron
  • Jesus is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. He’s consistently learning in an effort to master his craft and there is an ever evolving program which I really appreciate. He has substantive knowledge about nutrition beyond just food pyramids. I really feel like I come away with a holistic approach to my health, with emphasis on doing what works within my lifestyle.

    Camille Botelho
  • Jesus gives you every opportunity to succeed and then some! He makes sure to check in weekly, puts a lot of thought into his programming, and always encourages you to push yourself in a safe environment. The gym has a great atmosphere and everyone is there to encourage one another. His nutrition guidance has also helped me to get better control of my training. It’s been a really great experience being at Resilient Fitness!

    Karina Montez
  • Personal attention. Good programming. Tailors workout to your needs. Recommended!

    Sandy Bakker
  • Highly recommend working with Jesus Acuna if your goals include getting stronger. He's one of the best barbell and kettlebell coaches in town and cares deeply about the health and progress of his students. The Tucson fitness community is fortunate to have him!

    Allan Phillips
  • Love the small group classes and the ability to do the workouts away from the gym if I'm not able to make it in. Jesus is very accommodating and works individually with those to make sure proper technique is used while doing the exercises. His commitment is Strong for Life, not just a quick fix....

    Jill DiAnna
  • This is a fun, friendly fitness gym. Jesus provides excellent instructions on each exercise while also explaining the goal of each exercise. He has been able to provide effective alternatives whenever I need to have an exercise adapted. Small classes are great!

    Laura Davis
  • Resilient Fitness is a class act gym! I love the atmosphere that Jesus has created. It's not only a gym but a community of real people who want to get strong, feel better and look out for one another. Jesus is super knowledgeable and knows how to give work arounds when they are needed. I trust his guidance and wisdom and to me that is worth everything.

    Gretchen Kiehlbaugh
  • Resilient is a great new wellness business that has something for everyone. I really enjoy the thoughtful programming that is adaptable and challenging. It's also portable if you can't make it to the gym location every day. Group classes are kept small and personal. I was never really able to stick with training until I started working with Jesus Acuna. He really listens, and meets everyone's individual needs - whether your in your 20's or 70's. He has a special gift for working with people that I've rarely encountered. This program is all about keeping you functional and strong, so you can keep doing everything you want to do in life. I can't give it enough stars!

    Susanne Sutherland

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